Services of consulting, accounting BPO, Business Process Outsousing, accounting expert, power of attorney, open a new business in Brazil Sao Paulo, Sao Paolo, San Paolo

our services

Support for foreign Companies

since from beginning to structure the operation in Brazil

  • opening new companies or branches in Brazil;
  • changes in the statutory contracts 
  • register in the govenament authorities federal, state and municipal Brazilian 
  • licences to start the operation 
  • support to find better Brazilian specialists in other areas to structure the business in Brazil. 

BPO - Business Process Outsourcing

The better support reduce the tax, civil, and labor risks, focussing in what is the essential for growing the business 

  • accounting BPO
  • treasury BPO
  • tax BPO
  • HR BPO 
  • Controllership BPO
  • We provide services with all BPOs together or separated

Tax Planning

The regulatory environment in Brazil is complex with a lot of different laws to support an operation. 

  • Tax planning in Federal, State or Municipal taxes
  • Tax review for companies in operation
  • Tax authorities monthly or annual obligation review

M&A, Pre Audit or Pre Due Diligence

Preparing the company to be audit or sold

  • Diagnostic in the Internal controls and accounting financial statements or reporting packages.
  • Tax, accounting, labor, and operational process review. 
  • Company evaluation for marger and acquisition 
  • Valuation memorandum for market value
  • Valuation memorandum for accounting value