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About us

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Our history

SOMAR+ is a company conceived by former auditors from one of the largest global audit firms (Big Four), who envisioned a firm to provide services such as BPO, consulting, tax, accounting, and controllership. A company that is focused on attending the quality required from the audit firms to every different market levels.

Our goal is to make sure that we have significantly contributed to each business development, as well as with their decision-making processes, to identify opportunities and with further collaboration, providing suggestions for improvements that could effectively benefit and bring considerable gains for your business.

To make all of this happen, SOMAR+ has a peculiar characteristic: All our partners have previous careers as executives of huge companies, which makes us have our administrator vision walking side by side with our auditor feeling. This ensures that our questions and suggestions will always come up to effectively help our clients, without interfering with our independence as external service providers.

During this period as executives, we received in our former companies all major audit firms, like Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC, and BDO, when services like consulting works, due diligence (M&A), external audit, among others were provided. That made us get to know the most diverse working methodologies, approaches, and relationships with customers. Our work methodology is Understanding client needs, Executing as per the client expectations, and Delivering results that do contribute to their business.

Our experience in auditing added to our period as directors lead us to be sure about our ability to put ourselves in competitive markets while maintaining our commitment to ethics, confidentiality, punctuality, communication with transparency to our customers, and independence when rendering our services.

We from SOMAR+ are proud to make real what we once idealized, and we hold a real passion for the work we do.

Somar+ Consultores

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Our Values

The leadership through example, sincerity and transparency with our customers and work partners, teamwork, respect for people, and, above all, ethics, confidentiality, and integrity in our professional relationships.

Our Vision

To promote SOMAR+ as a benchmark company in this market, helping from microentrepreneurs to huge business, always with the very same quality in our services..

Our Mission

To make use of our highly qualified skills to generate added value, business development, and significant savings for our customers. We want to grow together with our clients and to do so, we will assist them in all aspects whenever our expertise is useful.

somar+ team

Peter Godoi 

Founder (accounting, auditor, and M&A specialist)

Peter has over 25 years of accounting experience, being the director controller in a Brazilian public company with more than 16 thousand of employees and BRL$ 2 billion of revenue from 2011 to 2015.

He was responsible for implementing the Controlling department, corporate restructuring, and the tax committee implementation, which resulted in R$ 100 million savings in three years. Actively have participated in corporate acquisition processes (M&A) and was ahead of the accounting due diligence procedures for the merger with Kroton Educacional S.A., which created the world's largest educational institution, where he remained until February 2015.

Peter worked as an independent auditor at PwC for 10 years (2001-2011), leading client projects of different sizes and sectors of the economy, becoming an expert in international accounting standards (IFRS).

Accountant graduated, certified and registered with the Brazilian Regional Accounting Council (CRC), as well as holding an MBA degree in Financial Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) and certified as a Brazilian accounting expert for judicial processes.