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Business Process Outsourcing

We offer BPO customized solutions in accordance with client needs, as accounting, tax, human resources, treasury accounting receivables and payables, controllership departments.

Pre Audit

Preparing your business for another level

The board will receive a diagnostic over internal controls, a document containing the principal risks, and possible hidden liabilities in the business in Brazil, which can result in a devaluation in your company to sell, find investors, or for other bank reasons.  


Support for you and your business 

Based on our knowledge we help the entrepreneurs to make your team in Brazil or find different specialists for different jobs as lawyers for tax, civil our labor issues, finance specialists for specific tasks, among others.  

Doing Business in Brazil

Support to start or improve your business

We provide support to open or improve your business in Brazil.  As consultants, we help you to decide the best way for the statutory format, tax planning option, and location.

I want do business in Brazil 

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